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ewww by TheLadyOfTheLight ewww :icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 2 2
she was a
natural disaster
waiting to happen
a hurricane wounded
inside her
a seismic quake
whenever she spoke
a young volcano
waiting to erupt
she was
she was afraid
of the
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 1 3
blazing eyes
flashing teeth
your heat
is all i
the warmth
of your body
next to mine
in that one
moment of
i don't want
the agony
of waking up
tell me
one thing
tell me
one word
a word
to ensure
your honesty
one word
to ensure
my heart
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 0 0
when i said
"i want to be alone"
i didn't want
you gone
i wanted
that comfort
only silence
can bring
i wanted
to be enveloped
by my thoughts
you left
so quickly
you kissed
my cheek
when you
walked away
you loved
me enough
i was alone
left with my
dark thoughts
they were
more frightening
than i imagined
the monster
came back
it sang
to me
the song of sorrow
it loved me
when i didn't
but then again
so did you
when i said
"i want to be alone."
i didn't say
"i want to be lonely."
i didn't say
"i want to die alone."
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 2 0
Seething Touch
I don't know why
you're still here
i've been away
and you've been
my body heat
is burning
melting my insides
but you're
not afraid
to touch
i burn all
i destroy all
yet you say
"you don't destroy.
you melt.
you torch things,
melding them
my touch is seething
yet you're not afraid
to burn
you're the icy cold
that melts me
i'm the heat that
puts you back together
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 1 3
HERE YOU GO by TheLadyOfTheLight HERE YOU GO :icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 1 3
I wonder what
it must be
like to
be loved
to be held
by someone
that loves you
That feeling
of warmth
and safety
That feeling
"nothing is
going to
will be
the word
is foreign
to me
it means
I do not
I have never

Is there
out there?
What is family?
What is love?
What is joy?
What is warmth?
What is safety?
What is life?
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 1 0
Death Becomes Her
They say love is a powerful thing. That naïve infatuations can rule your life Even the slightest fluttering or stomach churning feeling can cause you to go obsessed.
To me, that emotion that we are so driven by, is fatal.
Despite being barely eighteen, I've killed the same amount. I hate my heart for behaving such a way, but attachment is natural. It is human nature to love someone. Animals feel such way, too.
When a duckling first is born, it attaches itself to the first moving object it sees. Most of the time, it's the mother. Other times, it's something else. Imprinting, is the earliest form of survival we have.
I bet nature is trying to say something. Perhaps that in order to survive, we need love. Love will keep us going, and will carry us through the worst situations.
Yeah right. Love kills people, and causes other to get hurt. It destroys lives and dreams. It demolishes everything in its path, leaving nothing broken and unaffected.
I've been caught by this experience first
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 1 5
A Change Of Scenery #7
My mind was swirling with thoughts. I couldn’t get my head to understand the words that my conscience is telling me.
“Serraphina, are you okay?” he touched my forehead, checking if I had a fever. I made a croaking noise, unable to talk.
Unable to understand any of this. How am I supposed to fight something I’ve never seen? Something that demolished entire worlds?
“I-I-I . . .” I croaked out, barely.
“Tell me about your family,” Charter said. I was grateful that he changed the subject.
“I don’t have siblings, but my mom is like my older sister. She would always make up stories of places and tell me jokes about her teen years.”
“She sounds like a great woman. What about your dad?”
I choked up, my voice cracking on every word. “He . . . died. In a car accident. I-I miss him . . . so much. When he passed, my-um-ability happened.”
He rubbed his thumb over my hand and I shivered. Only my dad used to
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 1 10
Jamison and Reynolds Part 4
Ben's eyes glazed over, and he looked like he was about to break down. I really hit home, didn't Ben? His hand curled into fists and he tried to maintain eye contact with me.
"Janie. What did i do? What happened? Don't you remember when we huddled near the bonfire and you told me about how you loved the night? When you first told me about your dream? When you told me you never had your first ki-"
"Stop," I ordered. My memories flashed past my vision, my photographic memory haunting me. "Stop talking right this instant."
His eyes showed sympathy and he stepped forward, his arms extended. I held up my arm against his chest and pushed him back. "Janie, please. Tell me."
I gave him a cold stare. "Figure it out yourself, jerkwad."
He sighed, and his arms fell to his sides. "Fine. But I wanted to let you know that I'm across the hall if you need to talk. I thought that when I came back, we could go back to normal, but I guess I was wrong."
I opened the door, giving him an inten
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 1 3
A Change Of Scenery #6
I stopped in my tracks, staring at him. His bleached white hair is almost blinding, spiking up in all kinds of directions. When I was changing, he did the same too. He now wears a crème colored jacket with a furry lining and baggy cobalt jeans. He is actually confused about my expression.
“What do you mean you ‘felt’ me? Like sense me? Sort of like in the movies?” I inquired, incredulous. This is starting to feel like a weird Sci-Fi movie.
He shrugged and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. “I was born with a special ability where, you can call it, locate certain people. I don’t know exactly where they are, but I can feel their relative closeness.”
“So . . . you’re a clairvoyant. You can sense things about certain people that most can’t. That’s brilliant!” I cheered. I read about this stuff a couple years ago, when I saw it in the library one day. I loved the idea of ESP and out-of-body experiences. And h
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 2 11
The Lone Green by TheLadyOfTheLight The Lone Green :icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 1 0
All Alone
Maybe I am.
It's highly possible.
Whenever I step, the sound of my footsteps echoes and the shuffling of my backpack can only be heard. Don't mock me because of my kiddy-ish backpack. It was from my little sister, Tara.
Before everything happened.
Before the Moni appeared and infiltrated society. Everybody first thought when they saw them, "OMG! These are sooooooo cute! Mom, can I get one? Pretty please!" Soon, they were in every single home and adopted by everyone.
No one thought, "Hey. Isn't a little creepy that these things just came out of nowhere? Like maybe they might be here to kill us?" Absolutely nobody was the wiser. The first toy company who heard of it, claimed credit for it. Heck, even Tara got a sky blue Moni, but our black lab, Jemmi, tore it to pieces before it was activated. Bless her doggie soul.
Then they claimed everything: from phones(Oh noes!) to baby monitors. Everything shut off, in order of population, all in a matter of seconds. No one could cont
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 0 0
A Mysterious Encounter
I can't believe I'm doing this.
I tug my coat closer to my body. The party is only a little ways away, so I don't have to stay in the freezing New York City air. I stroll, with my chin high, in my lace-up sneaker patterned boots.
I compromised on my outfit. I wear a peach lace blouse with a white miniskirt that just barely cascades over my knees. If I have to dress up, it has to be modest. My dyed indigo hair had been brushed and pinned into a bun.
New York City at night is pretty loud, you know. From the speeding cars and taxis, to the other parties going on. But the lights are beautiful. Time Square is bombarded with New Yorkers and tourists. Though, not many tourists dare to wander NYC at night.
Only a few more blocks, I think. I pass to the apartments of NYC, in the heart of the city. Kyle is flat-out rich. But he thinks that I don't have the guts to sneak out after 10 to go to his party! Ha, jokes on him!
Then, my phone rings. I steer my shoes toward an alley betwee
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 1 3
Skip across
the cobblestone path.
Toss those stones
across the water.
Stack them tall
and create something
Wonderful .
These pebbles
tell of stories.
Memories of
and everything
under the sky
They support us.
They build us.
They contain
The stories of us.
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 3 3
What Lies Beneath a Disguise
There once was a girl
who sealed her heart away.
She wore a disguise
to keep her heart at bay.
The truth about her
and her past was hidden
She would never tell,
no, it was forbidden.
Nobody asked,
and no one knew.
Her attitude was driving,
for her smile drove them askew.
But inside, she was unstable
She'd scream and cry.
After all that happened,
she didn't want any more to die.
But the disguise was flawed,
and people expected love.
She would run away,
fleeing like a dove.
So here was the girl,
who kept everyone far.
She had gone through enough,
and locked her heart in a jar.
:icontheladyofthelight:TheLadyOfTheLight 0 0



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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am an author in stages of being in writing limbo. I write to evoke emotion from you. Yes, you there.
I think of my life as a novel that could be the dullest thing ever written, so I write stories of lives better than mine.

Part of my life is devoted to music and Doctor Who, both of which I have had a deep infatuation for a long time.

Yes, enjoy, Sweetie!ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ

Stamp Insanity by Trasgo01 :thumb307880949: Suicide Isn't Cowardly by el-Jimmeister The Ugly Truth Stamp by mylastel I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa Books Stamp by mylastel


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